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Sintering MIM / CIM

L'obiettivo è arrivare alla forma perfetta

Tailor Made

Amazing design freedom

MIM combines the material properties of powder metallurgy with the design possibilities of plastic injection moulding, offering amazing design freedom and possibilities.

MIM components have mechanical properties equivalent to those of machined items.

Industry sectors:

Medical, eye wear, precision mechanics, automotive, watchmaking, aerospace and military.


Gears, levers, hinges and components for eyewear, hinges for doors and windows, locks, structural supports.


Carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, aluminium oxides, titanium.

MIM – Metal Injection Moulding

Advantages of MIM:

  • Complex-shape production, eliminating or minimizing machining
  • Cost-effective manufacture of high volume complex parts
  • Good dimensional control with close tolerances
  • Wide range of alloys and composites
  • High material density and strength

CIM – Ceramic Injection Moulding

Advantages of CIM:

  • Thermal stability
  • Corrosion resistance in acidic as well as alkaline environments
  • Excellent dielectric properties (can be used as an electrical insulator)
  • Great degree of hardness
  • Excellent wear resistance

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